Multiple Facets of Phage Therapy

Bacteriophages are a type of virus that infect and kill bacteria. Bacteriophages, or phages, are ubiquitous in the environment - they are everywhere. Phages are the natural predators of bacteria and thus there is a constant war between these two microbes. They will not affect other organisms, including plants, animals and human tissue. Phages are narrow spectrum, meaning they will only infect a particular strain of a particular species of bacteria.

A special type of phages, called "lytic bacteriophages" are used in phage therapy. Lytic phages attach to the cell wall of a given bacteria and insert their DNA. The DNA then harvests the internal components of the bacteria, using it to replicate itself into many new copies. These new phages then produce "lytic enzymes", which cause the cell wall to erupt and release the new phage progeny into the environment -- thereby killing the host bacterium.

Phage therapy began over 100 years ago in the country of Georgia, then a part of the Soviet Union. Research and development of these all natural, highly effective products continues today. Georgia is where our company had its beginning.

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