Multiple Facets of Phage Therapy


Phage International Inc., a US corporation, is engaged in many of the multiple facets of phage therapy, from strain acquisition, treatment of the most difficult/drug-resistant/chronic infections, to consulting services. Our clinic, located in Tbilisi, Georgia is the oldest and most experienced clinic in Georgia that caters to foreign patients. With our beginning in 2003, the clinic has treated thousands of patients both in Tbilisi and abroad. Phage Therapy Center has been featured in numerous documentaries, including NBC News and Prevention Magazine.

Recently Phage International has become a distrbutor of the world's most effective products via a network of various types of doctors, naturopaths and practitioners who practice phage therapy according to best practices.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliated clinic or are seeking consulting or product development services, please contact us. If you are a prosepective patient or have questions about phage therapy, please contact our clinic.

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