Multiple Facets of Phage Therapy


The vertical markets for phage technologies include medical and veterinary therapies, agriculture, aquaculture and even in certain industrial applications. Within each vertical these activities are required to bring a product to market:

  • Bacterial strain collection - this is the pre-requisite to product development. Because phages are narrow spectrum and bacterial strains and their sensitivity to phages varies broadly from locale to locale, this is the first step toward creating an effective commercial product.

  • Phage isolation - locating lytic phages from the environment that have the necessary characteristics for use as a commercial product.

  • Phage cocktail (product) development - one or more genetically unique phages that can be used to target a particular strain to multiple genuses of bacteria.

  • Manufacturing / mass production - consistent production of quantities of phages that are suitable for therapeutic application and, where necessary, meet regulatory requirements.

  • Regulatory process - requires expertise in the particular locale that the product is to be used.

  • Distribution - positioning in the market place via value-add resellers.

  • Application - expert use / application of the product.

The potential for use of phages for killing bacteria is quite extensive and there is room for many product developers, sellers and expert users in the space.

Phage International provides consulting services within most of the above verticals. Please contact us for further information.

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